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Chinese learning stuff

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Browser Add-ons

Add Pinyin - Chinese Zero to Hero Reader ( ... joaljjbojg, Chrome

Chinese Tutor (Chrome: ... ffamidfhae, Flashcards , ... clmfkchfjh, Speaking , ... ompnmadnhj, Dictionary , ... egmakmabil, Extension ) is a flashcard extension ... separator/, Chinese Words Separator ... mcccjgcbnp, Chrome ; ... 1598790017, Safari $US 9.99; ... laanfabeip, Edge, Flixlingo ... bpmjafkmlg, Chrome, Language Learning with Netflix ... bnpciblicm, Chrome

Language Learning with YouTube ( ... iffdpmmcjb, Chrome

New Tong Wen Tang ( ... jaeg?hl=en, Chrome ; ... ngwentang/, Firefox ) converts between simplified and traditional Chinese

Hanzisize ( ... moaeoobodk, Chrome ) enlarges Chinese text, Vocabtracker ... hkmdmhlcda, Chrome

Vocab 英雄 ( ... fpchopglaf, Chrome

There are also many browser highlighters available (too many to list; ... 0extension, Google it ), which enable you to highlight and save text for later review.
Popup dictionaries, Akkadu, Firefox ... separator/, Chinese Words Separator ... mcccjgcbnp, Chrome ; ... 1598790017, Safari ; ... laanfabeip, Edge, Dictionaries: one to rule them all includes Chinese ( ... pnfpcccbhc, Chrome ; ... tionaries/, Firefox ; ... jodigadoof, Edge

Perapera Chinese ( ... a-chinese/, Firefox, Frill Safari), GlotDojo ... egkaabfakc, Chrome ) with, Chinese premium

Inkah ( ... mfldfnecec, Chrome ;, Firefox

LiuChan Chinese Popup Dictionary ( ... lnfndjcgdf, Chrome ;, Firefox ... 1548419843, Popover Chinese Safari), Zhongwen: The Popular Chinese Learning Tool ... mhcaljjkde, Chrome ; ... /zhongwen/, Firefox

Zhongzhong: An improved Chinese Dictionary ( ... foajmciacf, Chrome

Blogs, Hacking Chinese, Sinosplice, Dictionaries ., 9610 Shufazidian is a database of calligraphic variants., Chinese Linguipedia is a database of glyph origins., ChinesePoetry, Chinese text project is a database of pre-modern Chinese texts., Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants, Learn Chinese Club catalogues YouTube videos for learning Chinese., A List of Chinese names by Chih-Hao Tsai. ... lassifiers, List of Chinese classifiers at Wikipedia. ... &id=58, Little Prince Collection : 971 "The Little Prince" books in Mandarin., Multi-function Chinese Character Database provides ancient character forms and glyph origins., Shtooka provides Chinese word audio pronunciations., Täglich Chinesisch German) characters and components database., Wengu provides classical Chinese works., Xiao xue tang provides ancient character variants, oracle bones, seal scripts, etc.

Example sentences, Bing Dictionary, ChinesePod, ICIBA, iChacha, Glosbe, Jukuu, Leiden Weibo Corpus, LINE Dict, Purple Culture, Tatoeba also, downloadable ), We Hanyu extracts example sentences (segmented with pinyin) from videos., YouDao, YouGlish finds examples on YouTube., Zaoju Wang 造句网, Zhonga in Russian)., Chinese Zero to Hero finds examples on YouTube.

Flashcards and Writing, Skritter for writing practice. Subscriptions are, $US 14.99 per month ., TOFU Learn for writing practice.

Forum, Chinese Forums, exchange forum, Chinese Stack Exchange, Pleco Software Forum, Reddit's ChineseLanguage,, Duolingo Chinese Forum

General learning, cchatty ,chinese-learning, ChineseKuang, Dong Chinese, FluentU, Glossika focuses on learning, and starts at, $US 24.99 per month ., Hack Chinese starts at, $US 8 per month ., Ninchanese starts at, $US 10 per month ., Pimsleur for languages in general, includes Mandarin ... on-premium, starting at $US 19.95 per month ., Ponddy Reader for teaching and learning, starts at, $US 9.99 per month ., Speechling for speaking practice., Yabla starts at $US 12.95 per month. See also:, PinYin Chart with audio., Yoyo Chinese bundles, start at $US 88 ., ZBSchools has Mandarin videos and reading materials for a Singaporean children.

Grammar, Chinese Boost, Chinese Grammar Wiki

Multimedia lessons, Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS) provides free audio lessons with transcripts., Learn Chinese Through Stories 听故事学中文, 中国大学MOOC : online Coursera-like courses in Chinese.

Reading, Easy Chinese offers simplified news (Vietnamese website)., Chinese News Club, Chinese Reader's Guild, Chinese Reading Practice, Clozemaster "fill in the blanks" game (includes Chinese)., 电子课本网 provides textbooks (e.g. 语文) used in Chinese schools., Fourth Tone Mandarin ; now approx., $US 75 per year for a subscription., HSK Reading, LingQ tracks words while reading, with various subscriptions e.g., $US 107.88 for 12 months ., My Chinese Reading, Nanshasi123 provides 语文 textbooks used in Chinese schools., Project Gutenberg provides Chinese novels., 七故事儿童网 has children's stories., Ricciwawa has short stories with audio., RuiWen has articles e.g., 作文 written by Chinese children., XKCD comics in Chinese.

Translation, Baidu Translate 百度翻译, Bing Microsoft Translator, DeepL Translate, Google Translate, Translate an image

Web tools, Captionz generates subtitles for YouTube videos., Chinese Text Project allows search by radical., Chinese Tools has a range of tools, e.g., search by radical ., HanziShan estimates how many characters you know., HSK Check estimates the HSK level on an input text., HSK东西 enumerates HSK characters and words in text; see also the ... data/lists, HSK data ., JCJC错别字在线检测 checks for typos in Chinese text. ... bnpciblicm, Language Learning with Netflix is a Chrome extension that helps you watch (e.g.) Chinese language content on Netflix with/out subtitles, auto-pause, adjustable speed and built in lookup functions., adds pinyin or Zhuyin to text., QHanzi allows character input via hand drawing. ... conversion, NJStar converts Chinese GBK, Big5, etc. to Unicode., Talkify text-to-speech., Worchid allows typing Chinese by inputting English, pinyin, or bopomofo., Word Similarity lists similar words to an input word.

Software for learning, Anki is an SRS program with, Chinese decks e.g. the, Spoonfed Chinese deck, Mnemosyne is a free downloadable SRS program, with some decks for, Chinese .

Tools, Chinese Sentence Miner extracts example sentences from a database of 18000+ sentences. ... -questions, DeepSpeech speech-to-text converts sound files to plaintext; it has an "experimental", Mandarin Chinese model.

Ibus (, Github ;, Google Code ) is a, Chinese input framework for Unix/Linux e.g., Ubuntu, Hanzi Writer is a javascript library for character animations.

<code>iconv</code> is a Unix command for converting between character encoding, e.g., <code>iconv -c -t=UTF-8</code> can be used to convert to UTF-8., Jieba is a free tool for Chinese text segmentation, written in Python., MacOSX Language Tools includes Chinese-English dictionaries, character-to-pinyin conversion, etc.

Microsoft Edge's Read Aloud function is ... on_is_the/, noted for its high quality text-to-speech ., OpenCC converts between simplified and traditional characters; its ... dictionary, dictionaries are available ( ... acters.txt, characters ; ... hrases.txt, phrases

You can find many such podcasts by searching for <code>Chinese</code> on e.g.;q=si ... %20chinese, Spotify or, Tune In, ChinesePod has many Chinese lessons, starting at around, $US 14 per month ., Coffee Break Chinese ; transcript requires paid account, starting at, £96 once-off ., Hacking Chinese, I Love Learning Chinese, Popup Chinese, Player.FM has a variety of Chinese podcasts., Learning Chinese through Stories ... d297394794, 每日视频新闻 video podcast news., Melnyks also at ... --p886447/, Tune In, Radio Garden enables listening to radio worldwide, including Chinese radio, e.g. ... m/Ts6_sOlz, Joy FM Beijing) and, Kiss Radio Taiwan)., Speak Chinese Naturally ; transcript requires paid account, starting at, $US 3.99 per month ., Talk Chineasy, The Unemployable, You Can Learn Chinese

YMC Learn Chinese ( ... 1516233289, Apple ; ... RP-KnwF8TQ, YouTube


Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 汉英词典 ( ..., Android ; $US 2.99) includes handwriting recognition, native speaker audio, stroke animations, example sentences, idioms, HSK words, etc. More functionality via in-app purchases, e.g. ..., Hanping Camera $US 9.99) and ... .app.popup, Hanping Chinese Popup $US 9.99)., Pleco ... d341922306, iOS ; ... nesesystem, Android ) free dictionary with example sentences; many additional features e.g. OCR via in-app purchases.

Ponddy Chinese Dictionary ( ... 1569799653, iPhone

Flashcards and Writing

AnkiMobile ( ... d373493387, iPhone ; $US 24.99) and AnkiDroid ( ... ichi2.anki, Android ) is a popular flashcard tool with many Chinese 'card decks' created by the community., Chinese Peach ... 1533410359, iOS ; ... inesepeach, Android, Chinese Writer ... d422248993, iOS ; ... writerlite, Android ) provides writing practice by tracing on-screen characters., Daily Chinese ... 1468602303, iPhone ; ... ilychinese, Android ) is a vocabulary builder., Flashonary ... d320888944, iOS ) is a flashcard dictionary.

Inkstone ( ... jwv18cf44u, Android $US 4.99 ;, demo video ) is an app for writing practice., Noodle Chinese ... 1375293467, iPhone ) is an app for writing practice., Skritter iPhone: ... d520277126, old version ; ... 1370892114, new version ; ... p;hl=en_US, Android ) is a responsive app for writing practice. Subscriptions are, $US 14.99 per month ., trainchinese, iOS ; ... ainchinese, Android, TOFU Learn, iPhone ; ... .tofulearn, Android ) includes character writing practice for Chinese. It's described as free, but it also has paid &quot;pro&quot; accounts.

Word Tracer ( ... d453400918, iPhone ) provides writing practice by tracing on-screen characters.


酷狗唱唱 ( ... 1282270796, iPhone ; ... oid.ktvapp, QQ ) is a Chinese karaoke app which gives you a score based on your singing.

NiHao! (!/id760028888?mt=8, iPad; $US 4.99 ) grammar and puzzle game.

Word Swing ( ... 1277286492, iOS ; ... p;hl=en_US, Android ) is a choose-your-own-adventure text adventure game (paid version required for full access).

General learning

AI Super Chinese ( ... 1462500984, iOS ; ... perchinese, Android, Chineasy ... 1318941705, iOS ; ... p;hl=en_US, Android ) is for memorizing characters and basic lessons., ChineseSkill ... d777111034, iOS ; ... ineseskill, Android ) provides learning materials up to HSK4 (speaking, writing, listening and reading), and flash cards.

Chinesimple HSK (HSK levels: ... hskfree.ap, 1 , ... s.hsk2lite, 2 , ... s.hsk3lite, 3 , ... s.hsk4lite, 4 , ... s.hsk5lite, 5 ) provides grammar and vocabulary games, a dictionary, and special levels (Android), Dong Chinese ... ongchinese, Android, Drops ... d939540371, iOS ; ... ernational, Android, Duolingo ... d570060128, iPhone ; ... m.duolingo, Android ) is a colorful language-learning app, including Chinese. Paid versions start at ... d570060128, $US 9.99 per month ., HelloChinese, iPhone ; ... llochinese, Android ) is a beginner app for improving speaking skills based on speech recognition., Incredible Chinese ... 1506535967, iOS ; ..., Android ) uses AI/speech recognition to learn via Chinese conversations., Lingodeer ... 1261193709, iOS ; ... .lingodeer, Android ) has a variety of puzzles for languages including Chinese; paid version ... 1261193709, $US 11.99 per month ., Memrise ... d635966718, iPhone ; ... ecompanion, Android ) is a language memorization app, which includes Chinese. Subscriptions start at around ... d635966718, $US 8.99 per month ., Ninchanese ..., Android ) starts at around, $US 10 per month ., Rosetta Stone ... d435588892, iOS ; ... ursePlayer, Android ) is around, $US 9.99 per month .

Reading and Listening, The Chairman's Bao ... 1074317405, iOS ; ... airmansbao, Android ) is a Chinese graded reader app. Most content requires a, $US 10 per month subscription ., Clozemaster, iOS ; ... emaster.v2, Android ) provides fill-in-the-blank &quot;cloze&quot; sentences in many languages, including Chinese. (, Pro version: $US 8 per month .), Du Chinese, iPhone ; ... .duchinese, Android ) provides short stories for reading and listening practice (regularly updated; paid version required to access all lessons).

Hanzi Reader ( ... d383433187, iOS ) segments Chinese text and allows the user to look up words., M Mandarin ... 1202173573, iOS ; ... n.mandarin, Android ) teaches Chinese via comics.

Phrasis (, iOS ) searches movie subtitles.

PinyinBrowser ( ... 03491?uo=5, iOS ) adds Pinyin or Bopomofo to Chinese web pages while you browse.

Pinyiner Free ( ... eader_free, Android ) for pinyin annotation of copied text or books., Readibu - Chinese novel reader ... 1474518982, iPhone ; $US 4.99 per month; ... -Mar2515-1, Android

Wise Talk (, iPhone ) provides idioms for listening practice (paid version $US 0.99).

Translations and OCR, Baidu Translate 百度翻译) ( ... d605670941, iOS ) provides Chinese-to-English, English-to-Chinese translations, OCR (in-app purchase in Pleco), common phrases/expressions list, audio lookup, etc., Baidu Chinese 百度汉语) ( ... 1065829176, iPhone ) provides free OCR, compositions (作文), and Chinese poetry recital., Google Assistant ... 1220976145, iOS ; ... eassistant, Android ) has an, interpreter mode which live translates conversations.

Online Courses, ChineseFor.Us is a video course (around, $US 9.99 per month, Chinese Learn Online is an audio course taught from Taiwan; paid account (starting at ... up_2020may, $US 19.95 per month ) required for transcript, etc., Chinese Zero to Hero is a video course based on the HSK (sample videos are on ... xtswBoyt6A, YouTube ); bundle price varies e.g. $US 29 for HSK1., Coursera includes many free Chinese courses, such as Chinese for HSK, 1 ,, 2 ,, 3 ,, 4 ,, 5 ,, 6 payment required for course verification)., Culture Alley provides free language conversations and games, and includes Mandarin; paid expert help., iTunesU provides a variety of free Mandarin courses, such as ... d380227642, Beginners' Chinese by The Open University and ... d705335764, Beginning Chinese by Seton Hall University., MandarinX provides free online courses such as &quot;Mandarin Chinese Essentials&quot; and &quot;Mandarin Chinese for Business&quot; (course verification costs $US 99)., Melnyks provides Chinese audio lessons; paid account (starting at, $US 97 per year ) required for transcript, etc. ... characters, Outlier Chinese Character Masterclass provides instruction on character components, etc., for $US 99.00., Popup Chinese provides Chinese lessons via podcasts; paid account (, $US 99.99 per year ) required for mp3, transcript, etc., Yoyo Chinese provides video lessons, etc.; starts at around, $US 88 per bundle.

Tutors, Berlitz provides a range of, Mandarin classes ; pricing is not immediately available on their website., Instant Mandarin provides 1-on-1 online courses; bundles start with 12 lessons at, $US 120 ., LTL Mandarin provides a variety of tutoring methods; with pricing in the ballpark of, ¥150 per hour ., Mandarin Zone has both 1-on-1 lessons and group classes., That's Mandarin provides a variety of tutoring and learning methods, with pricing at ... e-classes/, ¥84+ per hour for group classes and ... e-classes/, ¥165+ per hour for 1-on-1 lessons.

See also ... mmar_index, Chinese textbook grammar index at the Chinese Grammar Wiki.

Yong Ho, <em>Beginner's Chinese</em>, 2010. ... 0781812577, Amazon .

ShaoLan. <em>Chineasy Everyday: Learning Chinese Through Its Culture</em>, 2016. ... 0062439715, Amazon . (Now, available as an app

Kan Qian, <em>Colloquial Chinese: The Complete Course for Beginners</em>, 2015. ... 1138958271, Amazon . Texts, exercises, grammar highlights, etc.

Jiang Liping, <em>HSK Standard Course (HSK标准教程)</em>, ~2018. Amazon: HSK ... B07PRPG8QV, 1 ; ... B07PNSZSYZ, 2 ; ... B07PMV711L, 3 ; ... B07PQZZ16F, 4上 ; ... B07PMVPFDT, 4下 ; ... B07RGSRZJ7, 5上 and 5下 ; ... 7561942540, 6上 and ... B01MY6TUTQ, 6下 . Answers are available from, BLCUP , specifically, 1 ;, 2 ;, 3 ;, 4上 ;, 4下 ;, 5上 ;, 5下 ;, 6上 ;, 6下 .

Yuehua Liu et al., <em>Integrated Chinese: Simplified Characters Textbook, Level 1, Part 1 中文听说读写</em>, 2008. ... 0887276385, Amazon ; ... ed_chinese, Cheng &amp; Tsui .

Yong Ho, <em>Intermediate Chinese</em>, 2013. ... 0781813115, Amazon .

Peking University, <em>Modern Chinese: A Basic Course</em>, 1971. ... 0486227553, Amazon .

Liu Xun, <em>New Practical Chinese Reader</em>, 2004. ... 7561910401, Amazon .

James W. Heisig and Timothy W. Richardson, <em>Remembering Traditional Hanzi</em> and <em>Remembering Simplified Hanzi</em>, 2008+. Amazon: ... 0824833244, T1 , ... 0824836561, T2 ; ... 0824833236, S1 , ... 0824836553, S1 ; Nanzan ... g-hanzi-1/, T1 , ... -hanzi-ii/, T2 ; ... ing-hanzi/, S1 , ... -hanzi-ii/, S2 . A method for memorizing Chinese characters without their pronunciation. (See also: ... -1-2.3114/, a fan-made dataset for simplified characters.)

Yuonne Li Walls and Jan W. Walls, <em>Using Chinese - A guide to contemporary usage</em>, 2009. ... B00QIT3OBE, Amazon .


Muhammad Wolfgang G. A. Schmidt, <em>All the Grammar and Language Points For Each Of The Six Levels of the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK)</em>, 2018. ... 3959354738, Amazon .

Yip Po-Ching and Dan Rimmington, <em>Chinese - An Essential Grammar</em>, 2006. ... 0415372615, Amazon .

Charles N. Li and Sandra A. Thompson, <em>Mandarin Chinese: A Functional Reference Grammar</em>, 1989. ... 0520066103, Amazon ; ... ea2LBW4jcC, Google Books . Only pinyin (no characters).

Claudia Ross and Jing-heng Sheng Ma, <em>Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide (Modern Grammars)</em>, 2014. ... 0415827140, Amazon .

Dejin Li and Meizhen Cheng, <em>A Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners (外国人实用汉语语法)</em>, 2008. ... 7561921632, Amazon . Bilingual (English and Chinese); characters only.

Claudia Ross, <em>Schaum's Outline of Chinese Grammar</em>, 2004. ... 0071635262, Amazon .

Dictionaries <br/>
Online, Almaany

<s>Bkrs (mostly in Russian)</s> (removed for copyright reasons, see comments to the answer ... nary">here, CantoDict includes Mandarin., 潮州音字典 is a pinyin based dictionary., Chinese Tutor Dictionary ... se-english, Collins Mandarin Chinese Dictionary, Collocation Search,, Forvo pronunciation dictionary., HanDian (汉典) zdic), HanziCraft character dictionary., nciku, Line Dict ... 1%E8%AF%AD, Linguee, MDBG English-Chinese, Mo eDict, Revised Taiwan Academic Online Dictionary 重編國語辭典修訂本, Wiktionary ... search.php, WordBuddy Dictionary, Xiaoma Cidian (小马词典) ... ionary.php, Yabla, Youdao, 在线汉语词典

Image search provided by, Baidu ,, Bing , and, Google can be used as a visual dictionary. Many dictionaries are listed at, Dictionaryphile .
Technical, Dr. Dict medical dictionary., for chemistry and cosmetics, SciDict for science, biomedical, mechanics, chemistry and computer science., Chinese Medicinal Material Images Database


ABC dictionary - available as a paid-for add-on in, Pleco ., this answer ., CC-CEDICT, Wiki ) is downloadable as a plain text file.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 汉英词典 ( ..., Android; $US 2.99, Pleco ... d341922306, iOS ; ... nesesystem, Android ) free dictionary with example sentences; many additional features e.g. OCR via in-app purchases., Wenlin . Non-introductory versions start at, $US 2.99 per month .

Many dictionaries are downloadable from, .


Australian, ABC中文 News., The Australian .

BBC News中文:, simplified and, traditional ., China Central Television (CCTV / 中国中央电视台) live stream., FT中文网 - Financial Times Chinese, MSN News has Chinese-English bilingual articles labelled 双语., 纽约时报中文网 - New York Times : English-Chinese parallel text.

Australian, SBS News Mandarin and, audio podcast, Sina新闻中心, 中国日报网 : China Daily (, bilingual

Graded readers, Chinese Breeze series., Sinolingua series., Mandarin Companion series (simplified and traditional)., Tales and Traditions series at Cheng &amp; Tsui., BLCUP Graded Readers series (simplified).

(Note: Fig. 7 in, <em>Loach</em> (2017) analyzes the difficulty of Mandarin Companion and Sinolingua.)
Novels, 活着 (To Live) , available from, .

Also note ... ifficulty/, a Reddit /r/chinesebookclub post sorts Chinese novels by difficulty ( ..., results ). The YouTube channel ... w-EKoo7Z_Q, Kuo’s Audiobooks has readings of Harry Potter novels.
Social Media
Discord, 30 Days of Chinese is for sharing your Chinese studies., Reddit r/ChineseLanguage

Facebook, Business Chinese Learning, CCTV中文 Chinese news., Chinese Class 101, CRI Learn Chinese, Hanbridge Mandarin Facebook ... ;ref=br_tf, Learn Chinese characters

Learn Chinese Mandarin, HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5, HSK6 with Richard Wu.

Twitter, AllSet Learning, Hacking Chinese, HSK Official, Skritter

YouTube channels</strong> (native content useful for learners) ... H7T6KFFkjw, 备胎说车 cars) ... DR1zQWIwfA, Hello Catie fashion, makeup, shopping) ... duOzre5HcQ, 黃瑽寧醫師健康講堂 Doctor Huang Congning) ... MG_0z-F0xw, 李永乐老师 Teacher Li Yongle) ... pyZ_p6eX-g, 科普记 popular science) ... UNRAgHSYmw, 科学声音 Voice of Science) ... GQDs6KH-bQ, 妈咪说MommyTalk popular science), TEDxTaipei ... vH_eJB_7iw, 樱桃小丸子 动漫 中文版 Chibi Maruko-chan, children's anime) ... C7fS9hrx5Q, 小猪佩奇 Peppa Pig) ... JagZLzztzQ, Yan Talk ... -onQGvGx1A, 一席YiXi similar to TEDx)

YouTube channels</strong> (teaching) ... 50GddxhKBw, Carly LetsSpeakXYZ ... 2B8K_a2bKA, ChineseEddieG汉语艾迪, ChinesePod ... 2cztE85qjw, Chinesewithmei Everyday ... xtswBoyt6A, Chinese Zero to Hero, Easy Chinese ... MxPnenl_zg, Easy Mandarin with Li Can ... klQ0N9XFVw, Everyday Chinese ... CwWbaag1FA, Fragrant Mandarin 香橘子 ... --xuOrEdKw, Grace Mandarin Chinese, Hancai Chinese ... Bk4D66FHSw, Kid learning Chinese/Mandarin 孩子学中文;li ... sklvZr1T1Q, LANGUAGE ch 中国語 ... 6MevB8L5PA, Mandarin Blueprint, Mandarin Click ... j9P_ijYeow, Mandarin Corner ... xBlpANA-Xw, Masterchinesewithpeipei, PeggyTeachesChinese ... qTj78fJDEg, Peter Hanyu ... IicqHXSY6Q, 可可读课本 Keke Reading ... nMgw4_Jsqw, Richard Chinese Language ... 6msnNoz3HQ, ShuoshuoChinese说说中文 ... JYjaycLodA, 大鹏说中文 Speak Chinese with Da Peng ... M7oyUXeB1g, SyS Mandarin ... g/featured, Talk Taiwanese Mandarin With Abby

In addition to YouTube, there is also, Bilibili ,, iQiYi ,, TuDou , and, YouKu .
Lists of Resources, Awesome Chinese NLP lists Chinese natural language processing resources., 学中文论坛 forum ... Cq/pubhtml, Chinese Discord Resource for the ... 6044056597, 看剧学汉语 Discord : TV shows sources; listening; reading; TV show recommendations; game recommendations., Chinese-English Exchange Discord Server Resource List

Chinese Grammar Wiki's ... mmar_index, textbook index .

Chinese Zero to Hero, resources ., Dictionaryphile lists dictionaries., Graded Watching ranks movies and TV series in terms of difficulty., Gratis Global lists free resources., Hacking Chinese for resource reviews., Learn Chinese Club for YouTube videos.

Lindie Botes (polyglot) lists the, resources she uses . ... p;sort=top, Reddit's r/ChineseLanguage resource flair, YouTube channels to learn Chinese ... es.533726/, WordReference &quot;Resources&quot; thread

language exchange, English Chinese language exchange

Online Tests
How many characters do I know?, Clavas Sinica, Quick Test at Chinesepedia. ... i-know/cn/, 汉语识字量测试, HanziShan,, Hanzi Test by @ericrjiang. ... structions, Word Swing, zhtoolkit

How many words do I know? ... ment-test/, 17 Minute Languages, 中文词汇量测试

How fast can I read?, 阅读速度测试 by 众果搜

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Please don't forget to give credit to the people who have spent years creating and curing the list of resources:

It's released under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license (

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