gInk(a tool drawing on screen, 屏幕简笔注释软件)

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gInk(a tool drawing on screen, 屏幕简笔注释软件)

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GInk is a screen pen annotation software that is very suitable for online learning. This software can annotate articles when reading e-books or online learning to avoid forgetting knowledge points. GINk supports annotation, screenshots, snapshots and other functions, which is very convenient and practical
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gInk introduction 介绍
GInk (screen pen annotation software) is an open source screen pen annotation software on Windows, which can be used to add any information you want to mark on the things you pay attention to, just like you mark a book with a pen. The interface of gInk is very simple. There are only some pencils and some settings of color, transparency and width. You can use different pens to mark and annotate the files and pictures you need to take notes on!

readme 使用说明
一. download and launch, it will stay at the corner of desktop. 下载打开软件,软件会显示在右下角的任务栏中。

二. click and resume it. 点击软件或使用快捷键进行唤醒,软件就会在屏幕右下角展现画框。

三. options to pick up the color and note tool. 用户可以自己选择颜色对某些文字或者图片进行批注。

四. switch to windows mode. 切换到鼠标,正常操作windows

五. picture. 样张

[b]六. 正常 鼠标-笔 间的切换[/b]
正常  鼠标-笔  间的切换.jpg

七. video demo

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