Volunteer host/Chinese teacher needed!

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Volunteer host/Chinese teacher needed!

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Hey guys.

Volunteer host/Chinese teacher needed!

Cause I am busy this term and cannot focus on the meeting. Now our Chinese-English exchange club is Recruiting hosts, co-hosts and Chinese teachers(for teaching basic Chinese). If you are interested in, please send resume Email to dengyiyang@gmail.com, also please recommend the volunteer to us.

It's part time( Volunteers take turns volunteering) so the volunteer host/teacher won't have to be there every week. We are also thinking about opening up another English-Chinese meeting to better fit the North American time zone.


招募 志愿者主持人/中文老师!

因为我这学期很忙,不能集中精力开会。现在,我们的中英交流俱乐部正在招募主持人、联合主持人和中文老师(教授基础中文)。 如果您有兴趣,请发送简历到 dengyiyang@gmail.com,也请向我们推荐志愿者。



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