rotational host, co-host, volunteer Chinese teacher wanted

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rotational host, co-host, volunteer Chinese teacher wanted

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1.rotational host

a. be good at English and outgoing
b. admitting/addressing the newbies in the meeting
c. supply participants with interesting topics (best if it can be interesting news)
d. play language related games with participants (if there is time and interest)
e. remove zoom bombers(fast)
f. collect suggestions
g. find and recommend rotational host
h. send community invitations to right attendees
i. answer languages questions in meeting and if possible, in our WeChat group
j. share our main website and forum
k. share the WeChat/WhatsApp group webpage and QR code

(Rotational host can be in the main session with preferred participants to practice his target language, at the same time of hosting the meeting and demonstrating his talents)

demo video,,

(15.91 KiB) Downloaded 748 times

2. co-host (to help host)

a. be familiar with Zoom controls(prerequisite)
b. assignment participants to breakout rooms
c. check for Zoom bombers and remove them
d. admit the newcomers into the meeting
e. ask participants to change their alias to format: language(practicing,eng/chn)-level-name-native language

3. volunteer Chinese teacher
a. to prepare PPT and teach basic Chinese
demo video, or

4. campus consul
offer the chance to interesting capable college student who are learning Chinese/English/Spanish/French

5. IT support wanted
a. extend and maintain forum.
b. website new function
c. Vocabulary Builder APP (ReciteWords)

contact: Email to

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