Resources for learning Mandarin Chinese

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Resources for learning Mandarin Chinese

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This is a community-maintained list of resources for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Alphabetical Index
Add-ons (browser)
Language Exchanges
Lists of Resources
Online Courses and Tutors
Online Tests
Social Media
Just write in the appropriate answer/section. If you have concerns, questions, post a meta question, so we don't clutter the comments, but you can link your meta question from the comments.

Answers have a type of resource each.
Please do not include links to unlawful content (note: we are not international copyright lawyers). If a resource is listed, it does not imply we endorse it.
Both free and commercial resources are allowed, but make sure to include a note if they are. Remember the rules about self-promotion. Include also if registration is required.
Include links to the sites only, don't post images, they would take too much space.
Add the resources in alphabetical order so they're easier to find.
Please only include resources that have some kind of notoriety (we don't want to be flooded by useless resources).
Note: new rules could be added in the future.

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Few people ever realize, that it's not about the resources. It's how you use them. Most of those shiny ipad and smartphone apps are useless toys. Apps don't learn Chinese, it's you who need to make the efforts, which no app can replace. Computer aid hardly makes language learning any better. The only thing in this context a computer can help you is getting access to target language media. The rest is mostly just (commercial) products you don't need. You most likely download and install way more stuff than you can use and profit from. –
Kovács Imre
Jan 3, 2014 at 14:00
@KovácsImre I disagree. Apps provide extremely valuable help for reading that open up many new possibilities. See for instance… –
Oct 20, 2016 at 9:08
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Browser Add-ons

Add Pinyin - Chinese Zero to Hero Reader (Chrome)

Chinese Tutor (Chrome: Flashcards, Speaking, Dictionary, Extension) is a flashcard extension

Chinese Words Separator (Chrome; Safari $US 9.99; Edge)

Flixlingo (Chrome)

Language Learning with Netflix (Chrome)

Language Learning with YouTube (Chrome)

New Tong Wen Tang (Chrome; Firefox) converts between simplified and traditional Chinese

Hanzisize (Chrome) enlarges Chinese text

Vocabtracker (Chrome)

Vocab 英雄 (Chrome)

There are also many browser highlighters available (too many to list; Google it), which enable you to highlight and save text for later review.

Popup dictionaries

Akkadu (Firefox)

Chinese Words Separator (Chrome; Safari; Edge)

Dictionaries: one to rule them all includes Chinese (Chrome; Firefox; Edge)

Perapera Chinese (Firefox)

Frill (Safari)

GlotDojo (Chrome) with Chinese premium

Inkah (Chrome; Firefox)

LiuChan Chinese Popup Dictionary (Chrome; Firefox)

Popover Chinese (Safari)

Zhongwen: The Popular Chinese Learning Tool (Chrome; Firefox)

Zhongzhong: An improved Chinese Dictionary (Chrome)

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